pet friendly cities in usa

Here Are America’s Most Pet-Friendly Cities

When it finally comes to laying down roots that will determine the future of our life, it is essential to pick a place that is right for you as well as your pooch ( the light of your life). Your pooch, too, deserves to feel good and welcome in the community you choose to live. You need to take care of this as there are still a couple of places that have an archaic bend of mind that promotes things like breed bans, noise issues, and euthanization of homeless pets instead of helping them. This can, in turn, make life miserable for you and your pet.

Pets are nothing less than family, and we should not live in constant fear of them either being taken away from us, or we have to keep them caged just because of the myths surrounding them.

What Makes A City Pet-Friendly

According to Mars Petcare, a place only becomes pet-friendly if it has the following 12 traits. This was done by their initiative, Better Cities For Pets, and provides a comprehensive view of what makes a city pet-friendly.

These are

  • A collaboration to help end pet homelessness
  • Shelters that encourage adoption
  • Cat Programs that humanly address the issue of overpopulation
  • Existence of pet-friendly options for all families
  • No breed or size bans
  • Amenities that are helpful to all pet and pet owners are available
  • Pets are paid heed to in the city, park and green space planning
  • There are plenty of pet hydration and waste stations
  • There are clear rules for pets in public spaces
  • Restaurant and retail spaces are pet-friendly
  • It is safe, affordable and easy to travel with your pets
  • Pet-friendly workplaces exist in the vicinity

This program was first piloted in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Now has been adopted by a myriad of other cities. The main goal of this program was to build a more inclusive city with a focus on happier, healthier lives for both pets and their humans.

Cities That You Should Consider For Your Pet

Portland, Oregon

Portland has about 33 dog parks, which means there are more dog parks here per capita than any other city in the country. It also boasts of its own social network for dog lovers. Famous pet-friendly landmarks include the Lucky Labrador brewing company where you can grab a beer and hang out with your best friend, your pooch. Portland is also probably the only city where you can enter a pub with your dog and enjoy a pint.

Seattle, Washington

If rain isn’t your scene, then avoiding Seattle would be the best idea, but if you can make peace with the wet climate, Seattle is your place. There are statistically more dogs here than children. If you still have any doubts about the city, there is an indoor dog park too, which means no umbrella and rain boots.
Plus, dogs are allowed on bus lines, ferries, light rail, and even the seaplanes.

San Francisco, California

For the renters, San Francisco has the lowest average pet deposit in comparison to all other cities. The rent itself pretty steep; we all know that. Pets are also allowed to climb on trolleys, eat at several restaurants, and even to certain gyms. Additionally, if you want to do something good, there is an annual festival that celebrates dogs while raising money for a local elementary school called DogFest.

Austin, Texas

This is the place to be if you are into documenting every movement your dog makes. There are over 35 pet photographers in the city, along with a food truck that serves up natural treats for dogs out for a walk. Most restaurants also allow pooches on the patio as the temperatures are usually pleasant. There are also places where you can catch a swim or indulge in some yoga.

Chicago, Illinois

This stunning city one of the most dog-friendly. Local restaurants and bars actually make the effort of leaving a big bowl of ice water on the pavement on hot days so that pups out for a walk don’t get dehydrated. There is a dog beach for the animals to play, and the baseball team holds a dog day where people can come with their pooches to indulge in the great American pastime.

Boston, Massachusetts

Another happy, yappy town is that of Boston. Here many local bars offer happy hours, where you can come in with your dog and get a pint. They are also allowed to ride on the subway as well as enjoy a cruise. There are plenty of neighborhoods and apartments that welcome dog owners with open arms.

So, if you plan on moving, it does not get better than these places. For your pet to be an excellent emotional support animal, you must minimize the hostile factors on the outside. This is the only way to enjoy happiness on the inside.