All Candy Expo starts today

Today marks the official beginning of the All Candy Expo in Chicago, and I’m in New Haven. Boo! But I’m with my friends working on a thing for band, which is more important than stuffing my face and suitcase with more candy that I could ever eat. Mmhmm…

The All Candy Expo is a big convention where candy makers and distributors and sellers advertise their wares to buyers and press, like candy bloggers. Basically it means oodles and oodles of the latest and greatest candy being given out for free. Candy Addict bloggers will be going (their All Candy Expo archive), while Cybele from Candy Blog is taking this year off for a change (her archive). Cybele also has a great post describing exactly what the All Candy Expo is.

Do I wish I could go? Of course! But the All Candy Expo is an annual thing, and my bright college years are running out, so the latter takes precedence. Of course!