Albanese Rainforest Gummi Frogs

Sometimes I let tasting notes sit around for a loooong time. Case in point, I got some Albanese rainforest gummi frogs as free samples at Sweets and Snacks last May.

I ate and took notes on them a few months after that, and I just recently found those notes buried in an old notepad. Whoops for letting them languish so long!

The gummi frogs were psychedelically colored in bright neons. Their bodies were one solid color/flavor, while the limbs were another color/flavor.

The texture of the gummi was stiff and bouncy. I could bite through them, but it was a bit of work to tear those bites off.

Pink and purple was a sweet strawberry for the pink body and something unidentifiably fruity for the purple limbs. I’d guess grape, but it may be the power of color suggestion.

Blue and orange was a candied raspberry blue for the body and a sweet and mild orange citrus for the limbs. The raspberry was on the mild side, with none of that olfactory seediness that I can’t stand.

Finally, yellow and green was my favorite combination. The yellow body was a zesty lemon – it tasted like a sweet lemon rind with just a hint of bitterness to the finish – and the green limbs were a sour tinged granny smith apple.

These were a fun shaped set of gummis that packed a great flavor punch. An OM, with the note that if I saw these in a bulk bin, I’d scoop a disproportionately yellow and green set.