Taza Chocolate Hit by Flood Damage

Taza Chocolate, one of my favorite artisan chocolate makers, just got badly hit by a flash flood (note: video plays automatically). From an email they just sent out/their blog: “Around 3pm, Taza’s Director of Manufacturing (i.e. Head Chocolate Making Guy), Mike Schechter, thought maybe he’d pop by our newly renovated, first floor chocolate factory for […]

Taza Stone Ground Organic Chocolate, 80%

Taza Chocolate made it onto my radar via my friends Justin and Nana, who highly recommended it. Unfortunately, because they’re a small artisan company, the chocolate isn’t that widely sold in stores, and shipping chocolate gets expensive, so I resigned myself to waiting until the next time I went home (probably after graduation) to try […]

Taza Chocolate Contest

I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting Taza Chocolate, mostly because I don’t have access to a car while I’m at school, and shipping chocolate can get pretty expensive. I heard about it from my friend Nana, who tried it and loved it so much that she just had to email me about it, so […]

Alain Ducasse Bean to Bar Chocolate

As a candy blogger/candy lover, I’ve had the privilege of visiting a few bean to bar chocolate factories to check out how chocolate gets from the raw beans to the finished bars. Apparently, the bean to bar trend hasn’t really hit in France yet, so much so that David Lebovitz suggests that they’re a great […]

Trader Joe’s Organic Stone Ground 70% Cacao Extra Dark Chocolate

These disks of Organic Stone Ground 70% Cacao Extra Dark Chocolate (what a mouthful!) caught my eye at Trader Joe’s. They looked suspiciously similar to Taza’s Mexicanos (previously reviewed here), and Trader Joe’s is known for unbranding and selling name-brand things at a discount. The Trader Joe’s version was $3.99. Taza Mexicanos currently run just shy […]