Moonstruck Animal Truffles a la Serious Eats

Moonstruck Chocolates makes pretty good chocolates (see past reviews here) that are, unfortunately, also pretty pricey. I’ve long coveted their adorable little animal-shaped truffles, but I always found them too expensive and felt like the extra cost was more for the cute factor than the taste factor. Fortunately, Serious Eats gave them all four of […]

Beacon Hill Chocolates – Part I

My boyfriend recently treated me to a lovely box of truffles from Beacon Hill Chocolates (hereafter referred to as BHC). I will review 2 of them today and 3 more on Friday. BHC doesn’t make their own truffles. Instead, they sell truffles made by other chocolatiers. Alas, they don’t credit the chocolatiers in their shop […]

Cacao Bean Discovery

From the NY Times, a story of the discovery of a supply of rare Nacional cacao pods that yield especially mellow and minimally bitter chocolate. It sure sounds delicious and intriguing, but at $12 for a 2 ounce bar and $12 for 3.5 of Nacional chocolate-covered Nacional beans, it ain’t going to be cheap. I […]