Hi-Chew Sours

Hi-Chew Sours An interesting twist for the Hi-Chew brand that pays off brilliantly What an amazing find. I usually find the individually wrapped Hi-Chew Tropical Mix at my local Daiso store. That version is always there, but the bag has a banana flavor that I really do not like (a rant for another review). However after […]

Hi-Chew Shikwasa (Okinawa Lemon)

My friends Nana and Justin have been having great adventures while living the expat life and chronicling it all in their awesome blog. They’ve been kind enough to send me great candy finds from abroad, including my all-time most popular review: Crunky Nude Balls. Recently, they mailed me a bunch of Japanese candies, including this pack […]

Hi-Chew Assortment – Canned Peach, Melon, Grapefruit, and Cherry

Here’s a quick round-up of a bunch of Hi-Chews that I got as free samples from Tsunami.hk. If you’re not familiar with Hi-Chews, they’re like Asian Starbursts, only chewier and more genuinely flavorful. Canned Peach is an unusual flavor for any candy. I think the Jr. part of the wrapper refers to the fact that […]

Hi-Chew – soda flavors

These soda flavored Morinaga Hi-Chews came as free samples from Tsunami.hk. Look at the lovely effervescence on those wrappers! They came in three flavors: lemon soda, cola, and white soda. If you’ve never had them before, Hi-Chews are individually wrapped, rectangularly shaped chews that are usually fruit flavored. Their chew is bouncy and mostly not […]