A Saturated Market for Customizable Chocolate?

I’ve covered two customizable chocolate companies on this blog, Chocomize and Chocri. Chow.com brought it to my attention that there’s some sketchiness to the similarities between the two companies. According to the NY Times, a brother of one of Chocomize’s founders had worked at Chocri, though the Chocomize founders claim that they were inspired by a […]

Chocomize Bar II

I wrote about my purposefully strange Chocomized bar on Monday. Today, I’m writing about the free sample bar that I Chocomized with the hopes that it would taste good: dark chocolate with currants, dried raspberries, and sea salt. As with Monday’s bar, Chocomize was super generous with the toppings. They were well distributed, so it […]

Chocomize Bar I

Chocomize is a U.S. based candy company that lets you make personalized chocolate bars that “are handmade to order”. They’re the second customized chocolate company I’ve gotten to try free samples from (Chocri was the first; I think Chocomize has them beat on name cuteness). You start with your choice of base chocolate: a 56.8% […]