Fannie May Chocolates – Part IV of Chicago Week + a day

Last Wednesday, I gave an unenthusiastic review to many Fannie May chocolates but promised that I would review more of their candies today. At the Fannie May store I visited, they had bins of individually wrapped chocolates priced the same as the boxed assortments ($20/lb). I picked out a milk praline, a milk peppermint, a […]

Fannie May Chocolates – Part II of Chicago Week

The saga of my sweet-toothing my way through Chicago continues with Fannie May chocolates, who I would liken to Chicago’s version of See’s, except See’s is better. At a Fannie May store, I picked out a selection of their chocolates and a few of their individually wrapped candies (review on those to come next week). […]

More candy quickhits – another gifted edition

In continuing with Wednesday’s spirit of cleaning notes out of my candy tasting notebook, more quick reviews of candies that I didn’t have much to say about. These, like Wednesday’s, were all gifts, but they are not all international. South African Nestle Chocolates from former suitemate, future roommate Catherine (who doesn’t like chocolate!), who got […]

Guest Post: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss Dreamy Chocolate Truffle

Here’s another Euro-chocolate review from Neil! Any readers know if these Cadbury Blisses are related to Hershey’s Bliss in the U.S.? ~Rosa Hallo! Neil here with another European treat. This one is possibly found in the States, but I can’t recall¬†having seen it there, perhaps because it launched after I moved over here. It’s the […]

Ode to Frango Mints

Jennifer McCoy, the pastry chef of Craft (that’s Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio‘s restaurant), waxes rhapsodic about Chicago’s Frango Mints on Serious Eats. I reviewed Frango Mints a couple of years ago (wow! It’s been that long?!) and loved them.