Roulette Stories

 5 Funny Roulette Stories

How many times have we seen it in the movies? A person walks into a casino, wagers everything on one number or color, and wins enough money that their lives are changed forever? Roulette Stories-

It’s a story we love to watch, about how luck and life can collide and change everything we ever knew. After all, with money comes opportunities, respect, power and the chance to not only pay it forward, but have a life that is no longer filled with stress and suffering, but rather with ease and many new experiences. 

Let’s be honest, how many times have we placed that bet or pushed that button hoping, at the back of our minds, that today will be the day we risk it all and win it all? 

This is especially true regarding casino table games, and one in particular – roulette. Whether you play roulette online or offline, stories are floating about in the gambling world throughout history that let us believe a little strategy, combined with a lot of luck, means we could walk away from the roulette table richer than we have ever been. 

Fifteen Minutes for 1.3 Million- Roulette Stories

It‘s true what they say; money comes to those who already have it. 

High roller and billionaire Mike Ashley visited Mayfair’s premium casino, Fifty London where in just 15 minutes and totalling £480,000, he placed wagers on his lucky number  -17. He won £1.3 million and, mind you, he was already ranked at the time as the 54th wealthiest man in the world. One thing’s for sure – Mr Ashley is one cool cat. 

The Monte Carlo Cheat

Charles De Ville Wells lived and died by his wits – and had some great fun in between. Convincing investors in 1891 that he wanted to use £400 to buy and sell musical jump ropes, he instead cruised the casinos along the French Riviera and spent 11 hours playing the roulette tables and winning over one million francs. 

He won every chip on every table he played at. Sadly he lost it all eventually at the Casino de-Monte Carlo and was arrested numerous times for fraud. 

He died a pauper in 1922, but we can safely say he lived his life on the edge. 

The Rich Get Richer

If you needed more proof that like attracts like, look no further than Philip Green, billionaire and owner of Arcadia fashion outlet. 

Mayfair seems to be the hot spot for the wealthy; as Philip paid a visit to the Les Ambassadeurs one night in 2004 and ended up walking away with over £3,000,000 altogether. A pretty good night out, wouldn’t you say?

Drunken Ideas Win Big

Ashley Revell and his friends were at the pub one night and, in a daring mood, started talking about what would happen if you bet all your earthly possessions on a single spin at the roulette table. 

Nevertheless, the idea stuck, and Ashley subsequently sold everything of value the next day – from material to sentimental. 

He gained a bit of popularity, and a UK TV channel started documenting his journey, along with a sponsorship from an online bookmaker based in the UK. All he had to do was change his name to “ Ashley Blue Square Revell.” 

He flew to Vegas with a total of £76,840 and stepped into the Plaza Hotel and Casino to make his bet, only deciding as the ball was spinning to bet on red. This quick decision led him to double his money to £153,680. 

Bond… Lucky Bond

Sean Connery’s Bond (the first), was known for his skills at Baccarat. But Sean Connery the actor had better luck with Roulette. 

He was in Italy in 1963 and decided to visit the Casino de la Valee, where he placed 5 subsequent bets on number 17 (the same number as Mike Ashley). 

The first two were unsuccessful but the final 3 landed on 17 each time, bringing his winnings to $27,000. We are sure that left him shaken… not stirred.