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While I was in Switzerland, I was jealous to see that Kinder Eggs were for sale there. They are illegal in the U.S. and Germany because they mix toys with chocolate, which I think is silly because the toys are safely encased in a plastic shell and thus separated from the chocolate.

I found this hilarious blog about Kinder Egg toys while trying to Google information about the toys that weren’t in the eggs I didn’t bring back from my Swiss vacation. It makes me wish we could buy the Eggs here, but then I guess they wouldn’t be special anymore.

Edited 8/19, 9:30AM EST: Thanks to commenter Rick Swartz for letting me know that Kinder Eggs were quickly unbanned in Germany due to public outrage. Wish we could get them unbanned in the U.S. I think that would take some lobbying pressure from Kinder/Ferrero.

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  1. Although a few German politicians tried to get Kinder eggs taken off the market in 2008,the outrage was so bad that they changed their mind just a few days later. Thankfully, Surprise Eggs can still be found here in Germany with the exception of the summer months where they’re substituted with Kinder Joy.

  2. Oh thanks for letting me know! I just saw the news about it getting banned; I didn’t see that they had gotten unbanned.

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