Fruit Vines Bites – Strawberry and Cherry

I got these Fruit Vines Bites as free samples the day before I left for Shanghai. Now that I’m back and mostly no longer jet-lagged, I can get around to reviewing them!

Fruit Vines Bites are a new candy from the Red Vines folks that currently come in cherry and strawberry. They were little chunks of chewy fruit candy about 3/4 of a inch long and comprised of three stuck together ropes.

They were quite soft and easy to bite through, with a bit of a tendency to get stuck in the nooks and crannies of my teeth as I chomped them up. The lightly sweet fruity flavors intensely permeated the whole bite, and both had just a hint of a wheaty undertone.

I liked the cherry (maroon) better than the strawberry due to its darker, more rotund red fruit flavor profile. It just seemed a little more intensely flavored in its plummy cherry-ness, which I liked.

Strawberry (red) was lighter and brighter in its candied red fruit flavor, which also made it a little more plastic tasting to my tongue. Not bad, but not as good as the cherry.

An OM for the cherry and O for the strawberry.

2 Replies to “Fruit Vines Bites – Strawberry and Cherry”

  1. Is the texture like regular Red Vines (or the Red Rope format)? Or is it more like Australian licorice?

  2. The people at Fruit Vines pointed out that it’s not licorice; it’s “soft, chewy, fruity candy”. I’d say softer than red vines (not nearly as plasticky), and more like Australian fruit licorice.

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