What are you handing out tomorrow?

Halloween is tomorrow! If you’ve yet to buy your candy for trick-or-treaters (I think it’s not a bad idea to wait; if you buy too soon you risk eating it all yourself), get that done ASAP! Unless you live in Sandy’s path – then you should hunker down and stay safe.

What candies do you like to buy to give out on Halloween? My mom always bought miniature Crunch bars because they were her favorite. I love the individually wrapped strings of Whoppers that come in a big mixed bag.

2 Replies to “What are you handing out tomorrow?”

  1. I don’t even get trick-or-treaters! I can’t figure out why – my particular street only has one kid on it, but I’m in a neighborhood with some families. They must all go somewhere else!

  2. We didn’t get any last year, and there are definitely kiddos in our apartment complex. This year, I won’t know if anyone comes because I have class during peak trick-or-treat time.

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