Cadbury Screme Egg Commercials

Via AdFreak, Cadbury’s been promoting their new Halloween Screme Eggs (really just Cadbury Creme Eggs with a gross green center) with a fun series of commercials in Canada. I especially like that the regular eggs apparently talk only in “Goos”.

2 Replies to “Cadbury Screme Egg Commercials”

  1. Honestly, the Halloween Cabdury Eggs rub me the wrong way. Stay in Easter, where you belong! But I have to admit, these commercials are pretty cute.

    (And no, I can’t explain why I think Halloween Cadbury eggs are an abomination but Halloween Peeps are a gift from God.)

  2. Very cute commercials! Thanks for posting them. Got my teenagers a couple of Screme Eggs for Halloween.

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