British Candy Round-Up from The Awl

For some reason, the Awl ran a piece about some standard British candies. I’ve seen but not tried Penguins, and Terry’s Chocolate Orange is available in the U.S. The rest was all new to me. As was the ridiculous penguin joke.

One Reply to “British Candy Round-Up from The Awl”

  1. Penguins are amazing. There is a British import shop near us and the owner insisted we try them after we told her were were searching for Tim Tams. Oh man, they are delish! There is a crunchy chocolate later and cream and it’s enrobed. The texture and flavor are fantastic. “Santa” is getting some for my son’s stocking this year. My son is 2.5 and when I asked if he wanted to make cookies earlier this week, said “YES! LET’S MAKE PENGUINS!” Plus, they are individually wrapped which is good because if they were just in a box we would probably kill them in two days.

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