Ghirardelli Intense Dark – Cabernet Matinee

I found this Cabernet Matinee bar from Ghirardelli’s Intense Dark line at Cost Plus World Market. It was described as, “dark chocolate infused with a hint of natural blackberry and cabernet flavor”, which sounded awesome. I thought it would be wine-flavored chocolate, though it turns out cabernet could just refer to the grape.

Unfortunately, the execution did not live up to my expectations. For starters, the “natural blackberry” scent was overwhelming sweet and fruity as soon as I unwrapped the bar. It was akin to being attacked by a Bath & Bodyworks saleslady.

The chocolate had a nicely thick, tongue-coating melt that lingered in the finish with a light, boozy bitterness. I suppose that I was the cabernet component.

The rest of the bar’s flavor profile, however, was more attack of the awfully artificial berry sweetness. If I wanted potpourri flavored chocolate, well, I’d just eat potpourri.

My high hopes for this bar were dashed. A . [editied 11/19/2012 per the comments to clarify: this bars gets a, which is not a letter grade. It is a poopy grade]

  • Wtf

    If you hated this chocolate bar, why did you rate it an A-? You’re a retard.

  • 1) Really rude/non-PC to use the “r” word. You should have called me a “person with mental retardation”

    2) My review system is on a scale of to ZOMG! I was giving it “A “, not “A-“. Subtle difference, and you don’t strike me as a subtle person. I’ll amend the post for clarity.

  • Lulu

    I discovered the chocolate today. It is a dream. 🙂 The best chocolate I have ever had!!! I know chocolate. Among other things, I traveled in about 30 countries and I have tasted endless varieties of chocolate.