Koppers Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears

These chocolate covered gummi bears were a free sample given to me at the Koppers booth at Sweets and Snacks. They call themselves “the original”, so I wonder if they predate the Albanese and other brands’ versions?

The gummi bears (real Swedish, according to the wrapper) had a surprisingly sproingy chew. They positively bounced against my teeth as I chomped them up.

The gummi’s flavor was extremely mild and generically sweet. I guessed that it was strawberry before I saw it written on the wrapper, but the flavor was so subtle that I really just got lucky with my guess.

The gummi’s gold coloring was incongruous with the purported strawberry flavor. Maybe it cuts down on the need for artificial colors?

The chocolate coating’s thickness varied from bear to bear – that variation shows in the photo below, as some bears had distinctive features while others’ were buried under chocolate. It had a creamy feel and thin melt with just a light cocoa flavor.

As with the Albanese bears, I don’t see the need to dunk gummi bears in chocolate. At the end of the day, I prefer my bears bare. An O.

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  1. Hi Rosa: I’m writing from Koppers Chocolate, and thanks for the nice review. We enjoy your blog. To answer your question, Kopper’s Chocolate Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears are indeed the “original.” In fact, We invented them over 40 years ago. There have been a number of attempts to copy them over the past few years, but we are told we remain the gold standard. We purposely do not add color to the gummi bears, as we have always felt that it is not necessary to add any color when t5he bears are then covered in chocolate. We produce these gummi bears in Sweden in a manner designed to ideally pair with the premium European real milk chocolate — and that’s part of what makes them so special. If you’d like, take a peek at our website — http://www.kopperschocolate.co — to see some of ther over 400 other award-winning gourmet specialty chocolates we’ve been manufactiring since 1937. We remain a boutique artisan gourmet chocolate manufacturer, family owned and run, and have originated many (if not most) of the premium panned chocolates enjoyed around the world today. Thanks again – Koppers

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