Snapple Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly was promoting their new line of Snapple-flavored jelly beans at Sweets and Snacks. I picked up several free little sample bags while there and later got a larger free bag in the mail from the folks at Jelly Belly.

The five flavors are fruit punch, kiwi strawberry, mango madness, cranberry raspberry, and pink lemonade. While my bag had all five flavors mixed together, they also come in little bottle-shaped single-flavor containers.

Fruit Punch was dark purple. It started with notes of plum, then became slightly tart before mellowing out. I was pleasantly surprised at how it had a distinctively non-Hawaiian Punch flavor.

Kiwi Strawberry was a mottled pink. It started with the spot-on flavor of strawberry, then took on grassier notes of kiwi. This is one of my go-to Snapple flavors, so I know it well. The jelly bean version was more nuanced than the drink!

Mango Madness was orange. It started with a seedy-mango flavor that then took on some slight tartness. It then become sugary sweet and finished with a plasticky note that I wasn’t a fan of.

Cranberry Raspberry was a dark maroon/red. It tasted like lightly sweetened cranberry juice and had a slight raspberry seediness to the finish. That seedy factor ain’t my thing, but it was a nice representation of what you’d expect cranberry raspberry to be.

Finally, pink lemonade was a translucent pink with no mottles. It had a nice mild lemon flavor to start with a bit of tartness and just a hint of zest around the edge before finishing with a cane sugar sweetness.

These were a nice assortment of flavors with the high quality that you’d expect from Jelly Belly. Nothing too exotic or unexpected, but a solid spin-off/brand partnership. An O.

Cybele reviewed these back in April, if you want a second opinion.