Trident/Stride Giveaway

I haven’t been a gum chewer since high school (hence the sparseness of gum reviews here), but mayhaps some of you chew and would care about this news?

Trident and Stride are currently running a “Chew for the Loot” promo. Specially marked packs of those gums come with a chance to win $50. The promo also includes a Facebook game that lets you bling out your chewer in your Facebook photo.

For some reason or another, they want to promote their giving away money contest by giving away money here. One randomly selected reader will receive a Trident/Stride gift pack and a $25 gift card to spend on anything.

To enter, leave a comment with what you’d spend a $50 windfall on by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, March 16th. Make sure a valid email address is in the email field, NOT in the actual comment itself. That way only I can see them, and I will only use the winner’s email address for contact info.

Good luck!

15 Replies to “Trident/Stride Giveaway”

  1. ha, ok! i would definitely not buy $50 of gum, i like to buy gum fresh as needed so it doesnt get all gross from humidity. however, i would consider buying $50 of hi-chew and chocolate.

  2. i would definitely buy cinnamon trident, nerds, laffy taffy, jolly ranchers, and other great candy. $50 would buy a lot of candy!

  3. A $50 windfall, huh? I’d probably buy my wife a gift. Or maybe a small candy surprise every week for a month.

  4. I would love to surprise my mom with something that she would never get for herself…some little luxury! <3

  5. I would buy some neccesities for the new baby that we will be having in July. And Reese’s cups and spearmint to fulfill my cravings 🙂

  6. I would put it toward a case of Violet Crumble, which I have to get all the way from Australia. It’s prohibitively expensive, but there’s nothing like it!

  7. Man, so many bills! I would use it to load up on diapers since we have 2 children in diapers and also groceries.

  8. I think I can use it to pay a babysitter to take my beautiful wife out because she needs a break.

  9. I’d use it to bribe the boys in my sons Cub Scout Pack to prank the Cubmaster! So far this year, we’ve put up stinky socks in his tent and made a paper-mache bird puppet (a thing of nightmares!) to put in his sleeping bag…what can we come up with next????

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