Brookside Chocolates Giving Back with Chocolates Tour

Brookside Chocolate has been on a philanthropic tour across the country. They’ve been stopping in major cities and giving financial and chocolate donations to non-profit organizations, as well as handing out samples of their chocolate-covered superfruits.

You can also visit their website for a chance to donate $15,000 to the charity of your choice — or to keep for yourself. As a budding behavioral economist, I find a contest on those terms to be intriguing. If you won $15k in a contest, would you keep it all, or donate some or all of it to charity?

One Reply to “Brookside Chocolates Giving Back with Chocolates Tour”

  1. I would take the $15,000 plus the tax hit. Then I would donate a portion to the charity of my choice and invest the rest. I don’t exactly trust an organization I haven’t heard of, so when I see the money for myself, then I’ll believe it exists.

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