Chocolate Fountains – Yay or Nay?

Via the Kitchn comes news that Bon Appetit believes that chocolate fountains should be banned from weddings. At first I was outraged, but then I thought that they had a point. After all, their proposed alternative to chocolate fountains is more truffles!

What do you think? Chocolate fountains: awesome and delicious or overdone and unsanitary to boot?

2 Replies to “Chocolate Fountains – Yay or Nay?”

  1. When I saw my first chocolate fountain I thought I was in heaven. (About 10 years ago.) Now that I’ve had a few I agree that they’re pretty awful.

    It’s not just the sanitary issues (outside? please, bugs and little leaves get in there), chocolate that’s been “fountainized” tastes bad. It gets oxidized and a lot of places add oil to make it flow better which ruins the flavor.

    Yes, stick to a nice buffet of fine baked goods & a few really good chocolate truffles. (Or a candy buffet.)

  2. Wait – weddings are sanitary? LOL. Was just at a recent wedding where one mischievous person was trying to push other people’s hands/arms into the chocolate fountain.

    Chocolate generally doesn’t interest me unless its got a ZOMG rating 🙂

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