ISS Oh Yeah! Bar

I got this Oh Yeah! bar sample at Duke Recreation‘s open house. Gotta love well punctuated food brands!

The wrapper promised chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. Two of the three were readily visible upon unwrapping the bar; it was completely covered in half peanuts and coated in chocolates.

The nuts were dry and crunchy with a light nuttiness. The chocolate contributed just a light cocoa-ness.

The center of the bar was a pale, golden brown. It was dry, chewy, and grainy and turned into a bland paste that tasted of protein.

Sadly, the chewy center was really unpleasant. I guess it was supposed to be the caramel part, but it didn’t taste like caramel at all. It just tasted like yuck.

To be fair, the purpose of the Oh Yeah! bar is to serve as a post-workout, protein-packed snack, so I didn’t expect it to be as delicious as a true candy bar. Then again, if they’re promising caramel, they should deliver! A .

  • That is unfortunate that the bar is so subpar. Some other post-workout recovery bars (cliff white chocolate macadamia in particular) are quite good. Almost like cookies.

  • Most people don’t realize that these really aren’t any better nutritionally than having a regular Candy-Bar with a scoop of protein powder.

    I’ve had a few decent tasting protein bars, but very few are going to top a snickers or a twix.