Red Band Rang!

This roll of Red Band Rang! Mixed Fruit hard candies were a gift from my friend Neil, who’s been living the expat life in the Netherlands.

It looks like they’re a Dutch-made treat. The cheerful exclamation mark in the title makes me wonder what the word Rang! means in English.

Like American Lifesavers, they’re hard candies that come packaged in roll form. The similarities don’t extend much beyond there, however. For starters, inside the package, the Rang! are individually wrapped in wax paper.

They were shaped like little solid, round lozenges. All of them had an incredibly smooth melt that felt amazing against my tongue. It was so glossy and soothing and clean! And they turned all prettily shiny and translucent after I let them dissolve a bit.

Green was lime, I think. It was sweet with a nice zestiness. The overall flavor was light and muted, kind of like the color of the candy.

Yellow’s flavor was initially hard for me to place. Was it lemon, banana, or pear? It just tasted odd. After a few seconds, I decided that it was pear. Not a fresh, ripe pear, but a canned in syrup pear.

Orange had a classic hard candy orange flavor. There was no sourness or zestiness, which I would have appreciated, but I enjoyed its nice citrus flavor that reminded me of Orangina.

Red/pink tasted just like a cherry popsicle. Nothing ground-breaking, just the standard red fruit candy flavor that was pleasant enough.

I give these an OM. The flavors were nicely done but standard. Instead, it was the amazing texture of the candies that set them apart.

  • My handy software dictionary says “Rang” can mean: “rank”, “circle”, “ding”, or “ring”.

  • Forgetful Chocolate

    Try saying “Red Band Rang” really fast. Meye tongue ith all twithded up.