More Japanese Candies from Serious Eats

I’m not sure why Serious Eats had a semi-regular feature profiling Japanese treats, but I’m not complaining! Here are their round-ups of some more Japanese candies: – Japanese chocolates – Japanese chewy candies – Japanese drink flavored candies (weird category, I know)

Good Good Stuff Tropical Fruit

These Tropical Fruit gummies from Goody Good Stuff were free samples that I reviewed from the company (along with Monday’s bag of Summer Peaches gummis). Goody Good Stuff is trying to separate itself from the gummi pack by making their candies all natural and gelatin free (making these gummis suitable for vegetarians), but you couldn’t…

Burger-Shaped Gummies

The folks at Serious Eats never fail to impress. They managed to round up an astounding 14 examples of burger-shaped gummi candies! I’ve tried gummi burgers exactly once because they had a too-stiff chew and a too-plasticky taste, but maybe one of those fourteen will be palatable?

Goody Good Stuff Peach

Goody Good Stuff landed on my radar when I got free samples of their Sour Fruit Salad and Strawberry Cream gummis to review. They’ve since sent along a couple more free samples. Today I’ll cover their Summer Peaches, and Wednesday I’ll write about their Tropical Fruit. Gummi peaches are a pretty common candy aisle treat….


The Jive bar is basically a knock-off Twix: “crunchy biscuit topped with caramel and a creamy milk chocolate coating.” It even comes two fingers to a pack! I bought mine at the check-out aisle of an Aldi. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bar. The cookie was a little drier and more…

Candyland Cakes

Check out this post from the Kitchn, which showcases a bunch of cute Candyland inspired cakes. There’s an idea for clearing out my candy stash – cake decorating!

Cadbury Choclair – Blueberry

I found these Cadbury Choclairs in the Chinese equivalent of a mini-mart. I didn’t know exactly what to expect – based on the packaging, I thought that they would be blueberry-flavored chocolate. Instead, they turned out to be little caramels with a blueberry flavored center. It looks like I wound up with the blueberry version…

A different type of hot cocoa

Via Serious Eats comes news of a new product called Choffy, a clever twist on hot cocoa. Instead of reconstituting a mix or melting completed chocolate, Choffy is selling roasted and ground cacao beans that can be brewed like coffee. Sounds intriguing!

Hi-Chew Banana

I got a pack of Hi-Chew Banana from Morinaga USA in the same box that had my Hi-Chew Peach sample. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about trying it because I generally really don’t like banana flavored candies. Artificial banana is not my thing. Banana Runts? Run away! Fortunately, the Hi-Chew banana didn’t taste artificial at all!…

Gimbal’s Sour Lovers

I received these Gimbal’s Sour Lovers as free samples for review. They’re a new set of sour gummis that come in 12 flavors. The gummis were brightly colored and sweetly heart-shaped. All were covered in sour sugar. Their texture was quite soft and sticky, with a tendency to work its way into the nooks and…