Candy Anti-Cake Wrecks

If you’re not reading the Cake Wrecks blog yet, you should! Monday through Friday, they post hilarious photos of cakes gone awry. On Sundays, however, they post jaw-dropping cakes of exquisite skill. This Sunday, Cake Wrecks featured candy-themed sweets. Check it out!

Look – Baskin Robbins Collaboration

I received two packages of Look chocolates as free samples from, an online purveyor of Asian goods, including candies. Today I’ll review the Baskin Robbins Collaboration, and Wednesday I’ll review the Parfait a la Mode. The Look chocolates came as 12 little filled rectangles, three each of four flavors. In the Baskin Robbins Collaboration,…

Milka Nussini Hasselnuss

This Milka Nussini Hasselnuss bar was a gift from my friend Neil, of Dutch ex-pat fame. I don’t know what Nussini means, but I’m taking an educated guess that Hasselnuss means hazelnut. The Nussini bars were wafer sandwiches topped with hazelnut bits and covered in chocolate. The wafers were quite light and airy, an absolute…

More Weird Skittles Ads

Skittles has definitely developed a reputation for their quirky, offbeat ads. Via AdFreak, here are two new sets: their new¬†global campaign and a new “interactive” campaign that’s running on YouTube.

Oh Henry! Candy Bar History and Review

Oh Henry! – Candy Bar History + Review

A brief history of Oh Henry! The Oh Henry! candy bar is an old school classic that’s been around since the 1920’s. In my experience, they’re pretty low profile – I see them in the candy aisle and in occasional fun size mixes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen advertisements for them. Starting off…

Delicious Chair

Via Design Milk, news of a chair that looks good enough to eat – because it is! The sugar chair is “a life-sized chair made entirely out of sugar (30 kilos). Because it is made of sugar, the chair can be shaped and personalized by its owner, making each one unique.” I don’t think it’s…

Tic Tacs and Canadian Giveaway

Tic Tac Canada sent me a bunch of Tic Tacs to help promote their¬†Fun Fresh Talent Search, a contest that asks Canadians to upload videos of themselves showing off their talents for a chance to star in a Tic Tac commercial and win $5k. I used to love Tic Tacs when I was a kid….

Perles au Miel (Honey Beads)

These Perles au Miel, loosely translated as honey beads, were a gift from my friend Neil, who’s currently living and working in the Netherlands. The wrapper says that they’re “fourrees miel”, which means filled with honey. They were extremely hard-shelled little balls with a prickly granulated sugar shell. The flavor was spot-on with the amber…

Starburst Prom Dress

Have you ever made chains with Starburst wrappers? I have, and I’ve seen little purses made from them. Now, via Chow, I’ve seen a whole prom dress, shoes, and matching man’s vest made from Starburst wrappers!