Kinder Surprise

After writing about the illegality of Kinder Surprises, I realized that I should review them. If customs asks, all Kinder Surprise consumption for the sake of this review was conducted outside of U.S. borders.

The Kinder Surprise was a thin-shelled hollow egg. Inside the egg was a sealed yellow cylinder containing a toy. That combination of toy and food is what makes them illegal in the U.S.

The chocolate managed to squeeze two layers into its thinness. The outside was milk while the inside was white.

The chocolate had a thick melt with a dusky, sweet finish that had a bit of fruitiness. It was a bit too sweet for my taste, but the chocolate was so thin that there wasn’t enough of it to be overwhelming.

The chocolate was unexceptional and gets an O. But really, no one buys Kinder Surprise for the actual candy. It’s all about the toy – check out surfing Daffy Duck up there! And remember, don’t eat that toy!

  • Ana

    “really, no one buys Kinder Surprise for the actual candy. It’s all about the toy” <– so true!

    I remember that when I was a little girl, my parents would get angry with me because I always wanted Kinder Surprise eggs, but I rarely ate the chocolate. I didn't like it, I thought the white inner part was awful, but I loved the toys 😀

  • Barbara

    Hi Rosa! First time commenting on your blog which I enjoy reading! I live in Michigan and Kinder Surprise is available at a Polish market here. I would buy them as treats for my kids, who actually enjoyed the chocolate part. Good to know mom was supplying them with illegal candy!!

  • I love how random the toy selection is. They range from Disney character to things completely unrelated.