Japanese Kit Kat – Wasabi

As promised, here’s my review of the Wasabi flavored Japanese Kit Kat from my globetrotting friends Nana and Justin. My review of the Sweet Potato version that they also sent along posted on Wednesday.

These also came individually wrapped, two to a package, and were a pale green. The famous Kit Kat wafers were dry and crispy and covered in wasabi tinted white chocolate. They smelled neutrally sweet.

The chocolate tasted first of sweet, milky cream. Then a light horseradish kick came through. All of that kick was totally through the olfactory system – when I pinched my nose, it wasn’t noticeable.

There wasn’t any noticeable chocolate flavor, just creaminess with a slight spiciness. It had just the right amount of kick to make it weirdly addictive and intriguing. Any more would have been overwhelming, while any less couldn’t have been noticed.

I give this an OM. It earned the extra M through sheer novelty, but I truly enjoyed the confection. Nana was less of a fan.

I have about a half dozen of each weird flavor to give away. My way of passing on Nana and Justin’s generosity! For a chance to win some Wasabi and Sweet Potato Kit Kats of your own, leave a comment on the ZOMG, Candy!’s Facebook discussion page for a chance to win at least one of each. I’ll randomly select three winners on February 11th, midnight EST, so get your comments in before then!

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  1. Hey, glad you liked it! For me it was purely psychological: even though I knew it would be wasabi flavored, I just couldn’t switch my taste buds over to expecting “spicy,” and I felt like what I was eating must have in some way gone off. Like the time I ate German movie theater popcorn and found out it was sprinkled with sugar.

  2. Hi Nana where in Japan can these be purchased? I live in Japan and cant seem to find them? thanks in advance

  3. I’ve found a few unusual KitKat flavors (coffee comes to mind) at my local big grocery store as part of holiday displays. These two came from a kiosk at the Tokyo airport. I just bought another flavor this week (Yuzu) at a Fukuoka regional specialty shop at the mall, where they had several other flavors as well.

    Your best bet is probably any place that sells food gift boxes – mochi, cookies, omiyage-type gifts. I’ve generally seen them there.

  4. just had this for the first time today. I didn’t know it was wasabi flavored, was just presented to me as a “Japanese kit kat, white chocolate.” I thought the slight green color was interesting. I’m a huge wasabi fan anyways, so I was delighted with my first bite. Now I just need to find a source for these in the future.

  5. I’m in Fukuoka for only a few days.
    Where is the best place to buy unusual Kitkat flavours? Nana mentions a “regional specialty shop at the mall.” I’d love to know the name/location of this shop!

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