Super Mario 3-Dees Gummies

Happy 2011! Hope y’all had a restful holiday season. Mine was great. And now, back to work! On with the review…

I love Au’some’s fruit strings and nugget treats (I’ve always eaten them before I could get around to properly reviewing them), so I was excited to try these Super Mario 3-Dees Gummies, also by Au’some.

My pack was a like a theater box – paperboard, with the gummis wrapped in two clear cellophane packs of 5 each. They come in Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Mario, and Yoshi. All were well-formed; even DK’s tie was crystal clear.

They also come in four flavors: mixed berries, orange, watermelon, strawberry. The characters don’t correspond with the flavors, and my flavor distribution was rather uneven (I only got 1 strawberry).

All had a stiff chew with no stickiness. It reminded me of an extra stiff gelatin: a slight bit of jiggle that instantly yields to the teeth.

Green was watermelon. It was sweet with a plasticky undertone and a very artificial fruit flavor.

Blue was mixed berries. It had a bitey fruit punch flavor and also carried a strong plasticky undertone.

Yellow-orange was orange. It started with a zesty citrus bite and finished on a lightly aspartame/artificial sweetener note. Still, it was my favorite of the bunch.

Pink was strawberry. It had a sweet, floral taste and clean, clear flavor. It had the best flavor profile, but I’m not a huge fan of red fruit flavored candy.

Orange and strawberry get Os. Unfortunately, the plastic notes in mixed berries and watermelon were pretty off-putting, earning them s.

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  1. I got these candys from a park for only 1.50 and I got 5 pieces. They were SO good! Usually gummy candys are kind of hard but these were so soft and melt-in-your-mouth kind of candy! I would reccomend these candys for anyone who loves gummy candys. I just wish I could find a bigger box of them for a good price!

  2. you can buy them at costco in canada and us in a box containing 50…its very cheap under ten bucks…look for them! good luck

  3. You are crazy. These things are THE BEST gummies EVER!!!!!! Especially the watermelon! I hate orange in candies but I even like the orange in these. Im addicted to them. Never have I found such a soft gummy before. This just goes to show that people have different tastes. Which also goes to shoe that everyone should try them for themselves and not listen to me or you. I think they are handsdown the best gummies I have ever found. And I have tried several kinds of gummies as they are my favorite type of candy.

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