Jamin Truffles from the Netherlands

These Jamin truffles were a gift from my friend Neil, who’s currently living and working in the Netherlands. He was thoughtful enough to bring back lots of Dutch treats while he was back in the States for the winter holidays. I think these truffles are billed as Belgian (I don’t speak Dutch, but Belgische is…

Chewy Atomic Fireball - Review

Chewy Atomic Fireball Candy: A Hot Take!

When you’re 8 years old, Atomic Fireball is a mystical candy. They’re intriguing, yet terrifying. At that age, being able to polish off a whole fireball is an impressive task. I was not that impressive as a kid.   Now they come in smaller, chewy form, which makes them much more manageable, size-wise, at least….

Colby Ridge Chocolate-Covered Caramel Corn Clusters

These chocolate-covered caramel corn clusters also came as free samples from Colby Ridge Popcorn and Gifts (I reviewed their chocolate-covered potato chips on Monday). Their name is pretty self-explanatory: clusters of caramel corn covered in milk and dark chocolate. Each cluster was comprised of about 4 or 5 pieces of caramel corn. The popcorn was…

Calorie-free candy that makes you beautiful?

Via the DailyMail, news of a calorie-free candy that’s been available in Brazil for a while and is soon to hit the UK market. Why all the fuss over calorie-free candy? Because this particular product is supposed to make the candy consumer more beautiful, thanks to its collagen and vitamin additions. I’m going to go…

Colby Ridge Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips

These chocolate-covered potato chips came as free samples from Colby Ridge Popcorn and Gifts. They also sent along chocolate-covered caramel corn, which I’ll review on Wednesday, and an impressive assortment of sweet and savory popcorn, which I won’t review because it’s not exactly candy (though I will say that their Jalapeno Cheddar is crazy addictive)….

Cacao Bean Discovery

From the NY Times, a story of the discovery of a supply of rare Nacional cacao pods that yield especially mellow and minimally bitter chocolate. It sure sounds delicious and intriguing, but at $12 for a 2 ounce bar and $12 for 3.5 of Nacional chocolate-covered Nacional beans, it ain’t going to be cheap. I…

Sour Power Sortz – Dorval’s Sour Punch Straws

These Sour Power Sortz were included in my NCA shipment full of free candy samples. Yes, that shipment was over a year ago… Candy keeps pretty well, especially in chilly Rochester, and I have a Sisyphean supply of it. It was billed as “candy straws in 4 different flavors. Strawberry, Apple/Peach, Raspberry/Grape, & Tutti Frutti.”…

Kinder Contraband

I, at one point, housed and consumed illegal contraband in my home… Dun dun duuuh! Actually, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. My contraband was Kinder Eggs, so contraband that you can’t get them on Amazon.com. Note: Below is a photo of a Kinder Joy, which is similar to an Kinder Egg in spirit….