Ritter Sport Olympia

I bought this Ritter Sport Olympia bar when I was in Italy. It’s been fairly recently featured on Candy Blog and Jim’s Chocolate Mission, so I thought I’d throw my two cents.

The wrapper notes that it contains “joghurt, honig, nuss, and traubenzucker”.

What, that’s not immediately self-explanatory? Thankfully, Cybele has revealed that it’s yogurt, honey, hazelnut, and grape sugar. I’ll admit – the grape sugar component still leaves me confused.

The milk chocolate coating was sweet and thick with a slightly sour tang that was probably helped along by the yogurt.

The filling was chock full of tiny bits of hazelnuts and what I initially thought was toffee. After reading the translation of the components, I think the toffee was actually bits of honeycomb crisps.

The nuts and crisps were similarly sized and colored. They made the bar as a whole sweet and interesting.

The yogurt brought a seriously sour tang that added to the richness of the bar. I love yogurt in my chocolate, and I enjoyed this Olympia quite a bit.

One caveat: it was maybe a tad too busy. I could’ve been just as happy, if not happier, without the hazelnuts. Sometimes simpler can be better. Just ask Coco Chanel! Still, it was a uniquely fun and tasty mix. An OM.

  • I’ve got to give this a shot. I love both the joghurt and knusperflake. If I can’t find it; I’m combining the minis.

  • I have had an Olympia Bar and it was delicious! The only thing missing from this amazing mixture is some sort of toffee.

  • Dear,
    don’t be confused by grape sugar.
    The commonly used name is dextrose which sounds a lot less threatening, doesn’t it?

  • Ges

    “Traubenzucker” aka Grape Sugar is indeed Dextrose. In Germany, companies like to add this to give their foods a story or healthy feel. 🙂