NPR reviews Japanese Kit Kats

Via my friend Judy, NPR’s Morning Edition did a taste test of what they alliteratively called a “Kit Kat Kaleidoscope.”  Raspberry Passionfruit and Creme Brulee sound pretty nice! Corn and banana, however, not so much.

Cadbury Soft English Toffee

This Cadbury Soft English Toffee bar caught my eye in the candy aisle at Wegman’s because of the soft English toffee part. In England, toffee is what we’d call caramel. In the case of this bar, the soft English toffee refers to a smooth, flowing caramel. It’s sweet and sticky, with a gorgeous golden hue….

Candy Venn Diagram

Via my friend Steve, Geekologie has a pretty neat and comprehensive uber-venn diagram of candy (really candy bars). Just to point out, though, some of those chocolate bars are now mockolate, which is a travesty.