Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits

These Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits came in my free candy goodie bag from the NCA. They’re a new type of Skittle that “fizzes in your mouth to deliver a tongue-tingling sensation.”

For some reason, Skittles chose to debut these in berry flavors: strawberry, berry punch, melon berry, wild cherry, and raspberry.

Each Fizzl’d Fruits Skittle came with an uneven coating of white fizz that created a bubbly, carbonated sensation on the tongue and in the back of the throat. The severity of the coating varied significantly from Skittle to Skittle, so each Skittle’s fizzy factor varied as well.

Wild cherry (red) had a deep red cherry flavor. Strawberry (pink) started off sour, then mellowed out to sweeter floral fruity flavors.

Raspberry (blue) tasted lightly seedy but was overall rather light on flavor. Berry punch (purple) tasted deeply of dark tanin flavors, and melon berry (green) tasted vaguely of kiwi.

I enjoyed the fun effect of the fizzy coating, but I wasn’t particularly attached to any of the Skittles flavors themselves. I’m not sure why they chose to Fizzl berry flavors rather than their original line-up, but I’d really like to try Fizzl’d citrus Skittles.

An O for this flavor assortment, but the idea definitely holds promise!

  • i love the concept, and the fizz but the flavors remind me of vitamins 😛 yuck

  • Lynds

    I like these. They’re really addicting in my opinion.
    I personally like to hold them between my teeth and let them fizz before I crunch down on them.
    But they have a salty, mineral-y taste to them.

    Still, fun. (:

  • Windi

    Is it just me or do these Skittles taste like butter?!? Yuck, big mistake with this product.

  • Deanna

    Uck. The fizzy coating tastes salty and is, all in all, pretty disgusting. The flavors are pretty good, but the fizzy is actually really gross. It more or less burns on your tongue, instead of popping or fizzling like those old fashioned pop rocks.

  • Jillian

    the fizzyness of the skittles are amazing! I love them : ) <3 and the flavors pretty good too! it feels cool in your mouth.

  • Soraya

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!i thot these wud taste great but it taste like baking powder and salt worst candy ever.. but if u wash of the skittles in cold water then drain and freeze they taste great:) SRRY!!! Wrigley company they Suck!!!!!!!!!

  • Niyah


  • i like ’em

    i actually love these. they taste fermented, like beer candy–but still fruity like skittles. (:

  • Britt


    Skittles are my favorite candy. One of my friends mentioned liking them but I think they feel like alka seltzer when you put them in your mouth. I was hoping for a pop rocks effect.

  • A

    what the heck happended to those skittles i have been all around my town and havent found any what the fart happend to those skittles