Haribo Pico-Balla

I got really excited when I saw this bag of Haribo Pico-Balla at the dollar store. They looked like my beloved European licorice pencils that have yet to catch on in the U.S. Could it be that they were hiding in the dollar store of the mall all along?

They certainly looked the part – colored fruit licorice wrapped around fondant fillings. The fillings were even extra fancy, with two colors!

Alas, while they were similar to my licorice pencils, they weren’t quite right.

For starters, the texture of the Pico-Balla was a bit too stiff and plasticy. Licorice pencils should have some bite to them, but these guys involved too much gnawing.

As for the flavors, they were weird and just didn’t mesh for me. Turquoise stuck out because its fondant filling was yellow and purple, while the other three had blue and orange.

The turquoise fruit licorice portion tasted like fruit punch, while the sweet fondant had a light anise and minty finish. It was simultaneously sweet and creamy and herbal.

The yellow coating tasted sweet with a light citrus tinge. Green tasted like the yellow, sans the citrus tinge, and maybe had a light apple finish, but maybe I was imagining it? And red just tasted like generic artificial red candy.

The orange and blue fondant fillings tasted of sherbet. I couldn’t pick out a particular flavor; they were just sweet and creamy and fruity.

I’m not sure why, but to me, the fruit licorice texture and flavors were just completely incompatible with the sherbet-y fondant fillings.

In the end, I found the Pico-Balla flavors and textures to be off-putting. They’re not awful, but they are rather blech, so a .

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  1. You just wrote what a bunch of people with good taste in Germany are saying all the time. Personally, I haven’t tried them, mainly due to the bad ratings they got from my friends who have a really good sense of taste.
    All the time I see them among other Haribo versions in the supermarket, I think about trying them someday, but I just cannot get over myself and buy them – they look to artificial for me.

    And you just confirmed my thoughts ^^’

  2. People criticize too much before they actually try them. They taste a lot like Mountain Dew’s “Game Fuel” (halo 3 edition). They’re very good but I’ve heard they’re not a preferred candy in Germany. I think you should try them 😀

  3. I agree with your article. Not the worst candy I’ve ever had, but will be the last time I have them. Probably the worst haribo product I’ve had.

  4. These are, hands down, my favorite gummi-candy!
    They used to sell these little guys at World Market. Now I can’t find them anywhere in the US.
    I went to Germany last month and found them in a minimarket. I just about bought their entire supply!

  5. They are my favorite too. I have never had licorice pencils but I want to try them now. I have not seen these in the US for years but have found them online again and will be ordering them.

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