Molecular Gastronomy Through Jelly Beans

Via Serious Eats, a blog post by Michele Humes recreating Alinea‘s tasting menu with Jelly Belly jelly beans. She makes liberal use of the Bertie Bott’s flavors.

I hope to someday be able to afford to visit Alinea (I have a little foodie crush on Grant Achatz), but until then, Jelly Bellies may be the more affordable route.

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  1. Alinea is wonderful, but for a more cost-conscious option, start getting excited for Achatz’s new restaurant Next! I just read in the Tribune yesterday about Next, opening “Fall 2010”, which has a pretty rad preview website. It seems like meals should cost between 50-75 – way more affordable than Alinea (although probably without all the fancy pyrotechnics)

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