Almond Joy Pieces

I thought I nabbed a candy scoop with these Almond Joy Pieces. A quick Google revealed that, they’ve been out for nearly a year now, and Candy Addict and Candy Blog‘s already covered them! Guess it just took me a while to come across them in stores.

Hershey’s basically extrapolated their Reese’s Pieces concept to other candy bars (there are also Special Dark and York Pieces). The Almond Joy Pieces were described on the bag as “milk chocolate, coconut, and almond candy in a crunchy shell.”

While most of them were generally oblate spheroids, quite a few of them were wonkily shaped, and even the nicer ones were a little bumpy around the edges. I think this may be due to the bits of almond and coconut in the chocolate.

The shells were super crispy and loudly crunched in my mouth. They came in blue, brown, and cream.

The Pieces tasted of super sweet chocolate with coconut and an underlying nuttiness. The coconut had a nice floral finish. Every once in a while, I hit an almond-heavy Piece in which the almond overpowered the coconut.

There was a definite grittiness when the Pieces were nearly gone, due to the bits of almond and flakes of coconut. But the grittiness wasn’t unpleasant by any means, and there was never a risk of stuff getting lodged in my teeth.

I wish they were a tad less sweet, but otherwise, it’s a great mix of flavors, and I loved the crunchiness of the Pieces. They were poppable and tasty, and they crunched beautifully. An OMG.

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  1. These were definitely my favorite of the new crop of Pieces. I’ve purchased two bags so far, they’re popular with my office mates too. (We have a real coconutty crowd here.)

  2. They’ve really been out for almost a year? XD

    I just recently came across these and Coconut M&Ms, Almond Joy Pieces are better IMO.

    There’s even a blog post on my site about them and what people think is the better candy. 😀

    Get these if you haven’t tried em!

  3. if you give hershey’s a zomg, godiva an O and lindt a – then you obviously have no idea what real chocolate is.
    if you want to really consider yourself as a gourmet, you should come to europe and spend more time trying to bring your taste to higher level

  4. I just bought a bag and this is the worst chocolate candy I have ever had. Going to get my money back, because it does not taste anything close to the original almond joy. Don’t waste your money!!!!

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