Life Savers Gummies – Sweet Strings N Sour Rings

The candy blogger in me is hyper-attuned to candy packaging that indicates that its contents are a new product. The pseudo-grammar nazi in me is hyper-attuned to instances of annoyingly unnecessary abbreviations. Thus, Life Savers* Sweet Strings N Sour Rings doubly caught my eye.

Actually, that’s only sort of true. There’s a lot going on on the front of this bag! So I didn’t notice the “New” splotch and the irksome “N” until I was photographing it.

Blatantly obvious statement of the day: the hook with these guys is that there are two types of gummies. The strings are sweet – raspberry and cherry to be precise – while the rings are sour – fruit punch and green apple.

I was a little disappointed that the strings were straight sticks instead of the jaunty S curves depicted on the bag. Luckily, my disappointment was tempered by the discovery of a single mutant ring that was doubly flavored – a chimera, if you will.

The strings were on the softer side of the gummi texture spectrum, with no bounce and a pretty yielding give. They were coated with sweet sugar.

Cherry (the darker red) was mellow and floral with a plasticky/artificial undertone, while raspberry was very sweet with a seedier, less floral taste than that of the cherry.

The rings had a bouncier chew to them. They were covered in sour sugar that was actually noticeably sour. Hooray!

After the sourness dissipated, green apple mellowed out into a round sweetness. Fruit punch, while blue, tasted like a red fruit punch. Hawaiian, to be exact.

The only flavor that I really actively enjoyed was the sour fruit punch. The rest were fine in terms of flavor strength, but the individual flavors weren’t my personal favorites, so the bag, which I did eventually finish, gets an O.

*Life Savers is officially two words, but even Amazon thinks that it’s one word!

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  1. Maybe it’s just my biology background, but something about there being rings and strings in the bag just makes me think of different shapes of bacteria.

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