Chocablog’s Thorntons Tour

When I was a kid, I loved the picture-picture segments on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, which showed videos of factories making things like raincoats and crayons. The automated assembly lines absolutely fascinated me, and they still do. I now enjoy the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made show.

Check out this neat video on Chocablog of their tour of the Thorntons chocolate factory! It’s chock full of conveyor belts and chocolate. I was especially intrigued by the squiggle drawing machine and wondered why the Easter eggs and bunnies needed to be spun around so much. And I was surprised to see how much is still handmade there – it looks like they were hand pouring and cutting chocolate bars!

2 Replies to “Chocablog’s Thorntons Tour”

  1. That was a VERy cool video! i really enjoyed it. Fun! I don’t know that I could work in a Chocolate factory doing all that repetitive stuff, but it would be fun for a few days don’t you think?

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