Chocolate Conflicts

Via my friend Nana (of generous international candy gifting fame), a BBC story about a US/UK chocolate divide and potential British resistance to a Hershey’s takeover of Cadbury. The NY Times’s take can be found here.

And via Chocolate Bytes, news that Mars is suing Hershey’s. The claim is that Hershey’s Bliss ads are a bit too similar to Mars’s Dove Chocolate ads.

One Reply to “Chocolate Conflicts”

  1. While I love most American candy, I feel terrible admitting in public that I *really* don’t like most American chocolate. To me, it doesn’t taste like chocolate, but grease. And it smells kind of funky too. 🙁

    That said, I’m not bothered if they do take over Cadbury’s: they’re not going to change the way Cadbury’s chocolate tastes!

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