Chow and Foodzie Charity Drive

Chow and Foodzie are partnering to do good for Boston, New York, San Francisco, and LA charities. They’ve selected a bunch of local food items that, when purchased via Foodzie, means a donation of a portion of the proceeds.

They’ve got lots of candy-centric items available, including Taza’s stoneground chocolate bars (reviewed here), Christopher Norman’s chocolate-covered cherries, bacon peanut brittle, Ococoa haute peanut butter cups, P.O.P. Candy’s holiday butter crunch, and Sweet Revolution’s handmade salted caramels.

One Reply to “Chow and Foodzie Charity Drive”

  1. Hey Rosa, did you see this?

    “Transatlantic Chocolate Divide”

    I get that they’re using Hershey and Cadbury to stand for US/UK chocolate, respectively, since those are the flagship bars of the involved corporations but… well, I don’t know about you, but I object to US chocolate being equated with Hershey’s. Probably the way Justin and other microbrew fans feel when US beer is equated with Budweiser.

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