Qra Qra – Strawberry

Just when I thought I’d exhausted the Qra Qra line (I previously reviewed lemon and milk), I found this bag of Strawberry Qra Qra in a newly discovered Rochester Asian grocery store. As a bonus, it was $0.89, a whole ten cents cheaper than at my previous Qra Qra source.

For some reason, the Qra Qra kangaroo gets to wear a crown on this bag. Qra qra kangaroo – try saying that quickly three times in a row!

The strawberry flavor on these chews is super genuine. Bright, sweet, tangy, and surprisingly tart – almost but not quite too tart.

I can really taste the concentrated strawberry juice from the ingredients list. You know how biting into a dried cherry yields a burst of chewy flavor? This is like biting into the dried cherry equivalent of a strawberry (forgive my ignorance if you can dry strawberries; I’ve only ever seen them freeze-dried). It yields a great punch of flavor.

The sugar shell on the outside has a bit of a grain to it that crumbles in the mouth. Most of the flavor is concentrated in the chewy center. Like the previous Qra Qra, the chew is long lasting.

Conceptually, it’s similar to a strawberry Starburst, but it’s executed to the nth degree. More chew, more flavor, more deliciousness. The lemon is still my favorite Qra Qra because I love citrus fruit candies, but I’d buy a bag of strawberry to go with my lemon anytime. An OM.

Albanese 12-flavor Gummi Bears

Back when I reviewed Albanese‘s Krunchy Bears, I lamented that I just missed out on reviewing their 12-flavor gummi bears – I learned that they were sold at my alma mater’s campus convenience store just before I graduated and after they’d already closed for the summer.

Well, the local campus convenience store got renovated over the summer, and their candy bulk bins are gone, so I guess I didn’t miss out there after all. Fortunately, several (but not all) of Rochester’s Wegmans carries them, and at the low price of $2.99 a pound. Hooray!

The twelve flavors make for a beautiful bunch of brightly and differently colored, translucent gummies that were super fun to shoot. I had to get extra help to identify them all.

The names are rather corny, but I forgive them. Twelve is a lot to have to come up with! The texture is neither stiff nor soft – they’re chewy with just a bit of sproing.

Here are the separate flavor reviews, in the above sort-of spectrumed order:

Groovy Grapefruit (light pink) – hands down my absolute favorite! Lovely citrus and zest notes. The grapefruit flavor is perfect. You can almost taste the membranes (I meant that in a good way), and the flavors last throughout the chew. Mmm. I could eat these all day.

Freshhh Strawberry (dark pink) – super sweet and mellow with just a bit of strawberry bite.

Wild Cherry (red) – Whoa! Bright cherry flavor that really smacks you in the taste buds. It’s got a great and assertive candied cherry flavor that steers well clear of being medicinal.

Ornery Orange (orange) – genuinely fruity, citrusy, sweetly orange.

Lickin’ Lemon (bright yellow) – not so genuinely lemon-flavored, with an almost pseudo-floor cleaner flavor. It was still good, though, and had an extra zesty finish.

Bodacious Banana (light yellow)- it definitely has a whiff of banana smell/taste to it, but I didn’t find it as offensive as I find most banana-flavored candy. Still, not my favorite.

Poppin’ Pineapple (white) – awesomely accurate with strong core-y notes.

Luscious Lime (light green) – this was weirdly grassy, and I didn’t get lime. It tasted just generically citrus-y and sweet, with no zesty notes whatsoever. A tad disappointing.

Granny Smith Apple (dark green) – notes of sour apple plus fuji, with just a tinge of citrus. Strongly reminiscent of green apple Jolly Ranchers.

Rrripe Watermelon (light aqua) – also reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers, but watermelon this time, with the addition of floral scents.

Rockin’ Raspberry (dark blue) – seedy to start, then quickly dissipates to sugary sweet blandness.

Concord Grape (purple) – just barely tinged with grape popsicle flavors. Nothing standout, but decent.

I like popping these into my mouth without looking at the colors and trying to guess which flavor I’ve got. I’d like to think I could do better than chance, but it’s actual pretty hard. If you can get these at $2.99 a pound and can pick out your flavors, they’re an OMG-worthy treat. I buy a bunch every time I make it a Wegmans that sells them.

Dove Promises of Hope

Mars is donating $850,000 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer awareness foundation. As a tie-in, they’re releasing pink M&Ms and special Dove Promises of Hope chocolates.


Photo courtesy of Dove/Mars.

From the press release: “Dove Chocolate will be printing messages directly from survivors inside the wrappers of Dove Promises of Hope so that survivors may share their stories and message of hope to support others battling breast cancer. These emotional messages capture the strength, compassion, and voices of women who have overcome the battle of their lives.” 

Here’s a tie-in I can totally get behind!