Apparently my blog turned 2 last Sunday (August 2nd). Oops! A belated happy birthday to the blog! While we’re doing a random, unscheduled post, here’s a reminder to enter my Cranberry Raisinets giveaway, courtesy of Nestle!

Candy Creativity

I love making gingerbread houses because you get to get all creative with candy as decoration. Via Serious Eats, check out this sweet show of candy creativity: In case you can’t tell, it’s a circuit board cake topper. I especially love the ingenious use of the sour belt as… um… you know… that thingie? That…


My first run-in with chocolate-covered sunflower seeds was when my mother brought home several little logo-ed packs that she’d gotten at some booth at a job fair. The two of us polished them off lickety-split and then didn’t know where to find more. This was several years ago, when chocolate-covered sunflower seeds were a rarity….