Crunky Nude Ball

Lotte‘s Crunky Nude Balls were the most hilariously named of the Korean candies that Nana and Justin sent me. Here’s Nana’s description: “Bought just for the name…Crunky is a Korean Nestle Crunch rice chocolate; here the puffed rice is on the outside.” Like the Pepero, it’s “nude”, meaning inside out.

They came packaged in a plastic barrel with a flip-top, which was quite fun. Each ball was about the size of a grape and covered in tiny rice crisps. When I say covered, I do mean covered. There’s very little chocolate that showed through on the surface area of the ball.

The rice crisps were nuttier than I expected. I wonder if they were brown rice crisps?  They tasted almost like cornflakes or sesame seeds. The rice crisps were also found within each ball.

The chocolate was thick with dusky hints of malt. The texture paired well with the airy puffs of rice. The sesame/cornflake notes were a different taste experience. I’m not sure exactly how much I appreciated the flavor pairing, but the texture and delivery of the chocolate treats was quite fun.

I give these an OM. I bet they’d be even better with cookie bits or more normal-tasting rice puffs.

  • These are cracking me up!! But they sound yummy.

  • They sound delicious, and with a name like that they would probably sell great here.

  • Nana

    Cornflake is also used in Korea as a waffle topping – usually it’s called flake. You get your little sweet waffle and whatever toppings you like – whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, honey – and then a sprinkling of cornflake on top. So chocolate/cornflake might be a more familiar combo to Korean consumers.

  • Sally

    Where can i get some!?

  • Kyle

    I need to know where to get some! I’ve been searching and searching and I can’t seem to find an online retailer.

  • Stell

    u guys can get them in korea. theyre sold at most grocery stores