Summer break, sort of

Hi dear readers, On Monday, I start being a real person. What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, I graduated back in May, spent most of June traveling, and now that it’s July, it’s time for me to start my first full-time job. I start work on Monday. Though I somehow managed to keep…

Candy through interpretive dance

Via AdFreak, a strange commercial for Cadbury’s Caramilk bar that explains how the bar is made via interpretive dance. Perhaps y’all can make sense of it? I watched it and still have no idea how the caramel gets inside the chocolate.

Maoam Happy Chews

Maoam Happy Chews [Review]

Maoam is a German candy brand that’s been owned by Haribo since the late 1980s. They’re sold under the Maoam name, but the packaging is quite Haribo-esque, and the Haribo name and website are on the back. Where can you find these? I first came across Maoam in England in the form of taffy, and…