Kinder Joy

Most people are pretty familiar with Ferrero‘s Kinder Surprise eggs. They’re banned in the U.S. and some other countries because they mix edibles and toys with tiny parts, which is a no-no. Kinder Joy, which I came across for the first time in Europe, is a newer addition to the Kinder egg line. It too, mixes edibles and toys, so it’s also not allowed in the U.S.

The two halves of Joy egg are split. One half contains a toy (in my case, a lame Ice Age 3 – yes, they apparently made an Ice Age 3 – badge), while the other half is a creamy spread studded with two chocolate cookie balls. Each half is individually sealed so that the spread doesn’t get on the toy (and vice-versa, I suppose). Finally, a flat plastic “spoon” is included to scoop up the spread.

The spread is a layer of white chocolate on hazelnut chocolate. It has the viscosity of Nutella – smooth and thick and glossy, but just short of the runniness of honey. Inside the spread are two chocolate balls comprised of chocolate ganache surrounded by a thin wafer shell covered in chocolate and crunchy chocolate sprinkles. They’re similar to Rocher balls, but smaller and without hazelnuts.

If you try to pry the balls out of the spread, a half shell of chocolate and sprinkles gets left behind, which imparts a nice crunch to the spread. Overall, I found this treat too sweet to eat on its own. The balls are managable, as their wafer shells help cut the cloy, but eating the spread is akin to eating straight frosting: okay for a lick or two, but too much beyond that. It did go nicely on bread, however.

All in all, a nice treat, but I’d rather buy a normal Kinder chocolate treat, like a Happy Hippo, Bueno, Rocher, or Duplo, and just put Nutella on my bread. The Joy gets an O, with the caveat that it would be great for gift-giving as soon as they stop coming with lame-O Ice Age 3 toys.

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  1. I love Kinder Joy much, Much more than Kinder Surprise. I like the taste much better. I wish I could get some! they are good.

    What’s funny is we have toys with little parts in the USA, I see little toys alot! I hate they don’t let them be sold here. really!

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  3. hey hii this amazin i love kinder joy its so yummy n toy inside it was fun…..thanks 4 such a nice product…

  4. i would like to suggest that the milk chocolate to be substitute with dark chocolate. i love dark chocolate real much and it’s healthy! dark chocolate is real good to our health than any other chocolate especially the non-sugar added type! try my idea Kinder n i’m sure Kinder Joy will get much more affection frm ppl all around the world! Those who’re health conscious n loves chocolate very much will prefer that! It’s good for children too!!!!

  5. hi i want to sell kinder joy in my hometown.i want to become dealer for the product.i live in assam.please contact me as soon as possible.will be waiting

  6. i found many of my surprising toys the same,you should add different surprise 2 doubly the excitement…

  7. Its taste is very good your packing is very good i want to so many kinder joys my friends also like you your toys are ocem i have no words to say for you….

  8. i live where kinder joy are aloud you r so lying about just ice age 3 toy there are the ice age 3 were only sponsor for the movie !!!!!

  9. I love Kinder Joy… I have it almost everyday…

    Love the white chocolate with two cookie balls…

    Love the surprise toys.. have collected almost 1000 toys, till taday.. 7th Sept until 7:pm.. gonna increase by one more till the day ends..

    Love other products of FERRERO too like ROCHER, BUENO, TIC TAC-Cool Mouth Freshener..

    My day starts with Nutella:-)))))))

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