Back from Europe!

Hi dear readers! I got back from Europe on Wednesday, which was also the day my last pre-Europe-written review posted. I just spent hours sorting through and posting my commencement and Europe photos, including my new candy photos, and I’m too tired/jet-lagged to write a full candy review.

So today, you shall get a photo tease, below the break. Special thanks to my boyfriend and traveling companion for his infinite patience as I dragged him into every candy store/chocolaterie/confiserie that we passed. And we passed LOTS.

And we’ll be back to our usual reviews on Monday. Have a nice weekend!

In France you can have Nestle Lions for breakfast!

Chocolate ladybugs and mice in Jadis et Gourmande in Paris. Adorable and fairly hefty.

Marzipan fruits in an overpriced tourist trap of a candy store in Avignon (the name escapes me at the moment. They have a red awning, a flier in the tourism office, cookies along the walls, and giant vats of liqueurs in the back). I bought half a dozen chocolate-covered almonds and a thumbsized piece of nougat, which ended up costing me over 3 euros!

Horribly inappropriate candy display from Spain:

We also went in all the bakeries. I think I ate all the macarons in Paris (or at least tried). I miss macarons so much that I’m hoping to give this Lebovitz recipe a go.

If you want to see more of my European candy finds, check out the Flickr page. And there are more purchases that I’ve yet to photograph!

  • Leslie’s mom

    HI, Rosa —

    I’m back to reading your blog from time to time, since Leslie was home for two weeks and sat on the sofa, amused by your witty comments on all sorts of candy …

    As for the horribly inappropriate box of “Camel Balls” from Spain, it simply reminded me of a visitor to our across-street neighbors. He has a set of what’s known as “truck nuts” hanging on the hitch of his beat-up pickup truck. They’re nothing more than a gigantic plastic scrotum swaying in the breeze … I can’t say these are “popular” here in the Midwest, but one does see them from time to time, and I am always amazed at the tastelessness. How do parents explain this to the kiddies as they’re driving down the highway? You know, the “Hey, Mommy, what is that thing on the back of that truck?” question. I foresee similar questions, particularly from little girls, about the candy

    On another subject, I am hopeful that someday you will get to review saltwater taffy from The Goldenrod in York, Maine, a venerable establishment that’s been making taffy for decades and decades. Another neighbor, now 80, is originally from York and, in addition to retaining her Downeast Maine accent, gets regular shipments of The Goldenrod taffy … and sometimes shares a few pieces of this light, fluffy candy with me (if I’ve been good). Something to look into (they’re on the web at …