M&Ms Contest x2: Free M&Ms!

M&Ms just sent me a huge package of their special all green M&Ms for Valentine’s Day. I guess the logic comes from Ms. Green being the only female M&M, so she makes a good jumping off point to brand green the color of love?

Anyways, M&M is running a contest on their website to win a trip to Paris. That contest ends on February 12.

In the meantime, I’m going to run an M&Ms contest as well. I can’t afford to send y’all to Paris, but I will giveaway three 7 oz bags of M&Ms Green Love Message M&Ms, all green M&Ms with the M on one side and conversation heart-style messages on the back, to three lucky readers.

To enter, leave a comment telling me what your favorite conversation heart/M&Ms “love message” is. Contest closes at midnight this Friday, February 6th, so that I can mail the winners their candy ASAP in hopes that it’ll arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Sorry to my international readers; U.S. addresses only please. And make sure you leave a real email address – only I can see it, and I’ll only use it to contact the winners.

Good luck!

  • Chad

    My favorite is this one…


  • Chelsea

    My favorite message is simple: KISS ME!

  • Still the best; “LOVE.”

  • amy

    It’s got to be “BE MINE” of course!

  • I luv you is a pretty good one.

  • I am going to vote for FAX ME. (But I assume this message, a relic of ’90’s-era Necco efforts to become techno-hip, isn’t found on the M&Ms.) What would I do if someone faxed me a love note? I admit, I don’t know. The prospect intrigues me.

    A quick googling came up with this article: http://www.rcpd.msu.edu/news-105

    That gives me a thought: I think “GOOGLE ME” would be a great candy heart message. Nothing says romance like digging up everything that’s posted on the internet about your beloved.

  • How about IM ME or BE MY BFF or FACEBOOK FTW.

    How else can we tap into new technologies with this stuff?

  • AB


    = see how much i love you

  • Gwen L

    “Surprise Me”

  • Zelda

    My favorite message is “Do Good”. “Do Good” is a slogan on the hearts encouraging eaters/readers to do something good for the environment. (:

    My other favorites are “Be Mine” and “Chill Out”, which is also making a reference towards the environment and global warming.

  • Jenny

    “CALL ME”

    it’s simple, sweet and succinct.