• So far, my Dove Chocolate Discoveries business is still growing in spite of the recession. I think that Chocolate is one of those “feel good” treats that everyone needs, especially when times are tougher. Chocolate is an “affordable” splurge that most people have to have! I know I do…hmmm, I’m thinking about a Dove Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker as I write this. Visit my Dove site for info about a recession proof Dove business

  • You betcha chocolate, quality dark, of course, is a good for you choice during lean times. And, don’t forgot extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, fresh fruit/veggies, whole grains. Read: the Mediterranean diet-lifestyle including dark chocolate will keep you heart healthy, lean, and happy! Count on it.

  • P.S. I want to add a caveat. Don’t go for generic chocolate during a recession. Turn to the prestige and gourmet brands (order online if you don’t live in SF/Chicago/NY/Europe). Dark chocolate, natural without preservatives has the most disease-fighting antioxidants (think of extra virgin olive oil and all-natural apple cider vinegar/red wine vinegar).

    Plus, you will savor it…and if you play by small portions like the French do–you won’t get fat and you will fight heart disease. I guarantee it. (Just finished writing a forthcoming book on chocolate…during my “research” of enjoying quality chocolate, I didn’t gain weight; no cavities; low bp; and am hooked on the good stuff–hard time$ or not. I’m worth it and so are you.)