China food scandals hit candy shelves

I grew up eating White Rabbit candy. Sad that they may now be unsafe.

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  1. I’ve never heard of White Rabbit candy before, but I have read that some Japanese sweets are made with powdered Chinese milk and may have been contaminated. I just threw out some Koala’s March biscuits because it’s supposedly one of the things that has been contaminated. There should be a comprehensive list out there somewhere which shows all the potentially contaminated foods worldwide.

  2. Orchid64 – that’s a tall order but I agree. I heard something about Pocky being suspect but did not catch the whole story. Powdered milk from China? Actually made in China? I don’t know. It may have even been a false alarm.

    This is all worth checking into.

    However, if White Rabbit is ever deemed safe again, I highly recommend trying it. It’s like a little bite of heaven.

  3. Come on… I don’t think that should be something to go crazy over. Some items may be contaminated but eating the ‘contaminated’ milk powder will not cause you much harm if you are eating it in small quantities like candy… If you look at the milk formula, we’re talking about babies here. Babies that require to be fed massive amounts of milk throughout the entire day for months. With those heavy doses that’s where the problem comes in. If you eat a couple of white rabbit candy or pocky I would hardly think that it would pose a problem

  4. Julie – this isn’t an issue of trace amounts of a mineral like copper. This is a toxin in our food products and is a very serious issue. It does not occur naturally and was deliberately substituted for another lawful and safe product. No amount of this is good or safe for you, unless you consider renal failure safe. Yes, a whole lot of it is a lot worse than just a little bit, but no quantity of melamine is safe to ingest.

    Please see our statement from NCA.

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