Nestle Nuts

Here’s a candy that’ll have the 12 year-old boy in you giggling and elbowing your neighbor in the ribs: I found Nestle Nuts in Lidl, this weird discount/grocery store in Southport that had extremely cheap fruits and veg. How cheap? The day I went, they were in the midst of an “All fruits and veg are half off sale.” I had gone into Lidl on a hunt for miniature bags of Haribo, and I left with strawberries and cherries and beets and grapes and carrots. And a five-pack of Nestle Nuts.

I had high hope for the Nuts, which billed itself as milk chocolate (31%) with filling with caramel (22%) and hazelnuts (11%), which is why I chose to buy it even though it only came in a five pack. Well, that and the whole five pack was only a pound. Hooray for cheap presents for friends! As Ferrero’s bottom line has shown, chocolate + hazelnut = deliciousness. Usually, that is. The Nestle Nuts managed to screw up the winning recipe.

The chocolate coating was boring, blah milk chocolate. I’ve found that Nestle’s chocolate, as opposed to Cadbury with its nice dairy milkness, tends to be mediocre at best, and the Nuts was no exception. The not very thoroughly described “filling” was boring, blah nougat that tasted like nothing more than generic sweetness. And the caramel was, you guessed it, boring blah caramel with no notes of anything. It was pretty insipid and wasn’t even sticky.

Every once in a while, I came across a whole hazelnut hidden inside the Nuts. They were nice enough, crunchy and vaguely nutty, but the Nuts in no way, shape, or form took advantage of the full, roasty, nutty goodness that hazelnuts can bring. The sweetness of everything else in the bar overwhelmed any flavor the hazelnut had the potential to add.

For a boring, blah bar, a boring blah O. I’ve managed to get lucky with dollar (pound) store candy finds in the past, but in this case, you get what you pay for.

  • Yulia

    Nestle Nuts is one of my favourites, for mass manufactured sweet candy. Only one to be found in a bar with nougat, caramel and hazelnut. It’s sweet and hazelnut taste is not overpowering and annoying like in other chocos.

  • It’s a pity they don’t sell “Nuts” in the UK. I love it!

  • I love Nuts, growing up in France it was one of my favorite chocolate bars. I agree with Yulia, the hazelnut taste is not overpowering, you can taste the nougat and the chocolate all together. I am selling this chocolate bar on my site, come check it out if you are having a craving.

  • The Old Wolf

    This is the second blog I’ve found that rated Nuts poorly. Taste is subjective so I respect the opinion, but these were my favorite candy bar when I lived in Austria in the mid 70’s. At that time they were being manufactured by Mars in the Nuts Chocolate Factory in Elst, and since acquisition by Rowntree and then Nestle, the formula may have been changed (always in the name of “economy,” I can assure you. I’ll be curious to get my hands on a modern one and see if the quality has really gone South.

  • Rick Swartz

    Spot on review. For the first time in probably about thirty years, I ate a nuts bar today. The only thing I tasted was the generic overpowering sweet taste from the nougat with a hint of staleness I usually associate with Milka chocolate. Although not the terrible surprise I got when re-trying Hershey’s chocolate, it was still nothing to write home about.