In the U.S., gummi bears and gummi worms are the main gummi go-to treats, though other gummis are available. Here in the U.K., thanks to the popularity and ubiquity of Haribo, there’s a huge assortment of gummi shapes and flavors to choose from. My personal favorites for creativity, if not taste, are gummi hard boiled eggs, which feature a yellow gummi yolk on a white foam gummi albumen (see below).

I still, however, have yet to come across the absinthe gummi or the “lighthouse” gummi (not suitable for small children or safe for work; perfect for immature adolescents).

I’ve so far limited myself to just one bag of gummis since, as far as I can tell, they’re all variations on a theme, but if there’s any particular must-taste variety of Haribo out there, do let me know, and I’ll buy it if I see it.

  • I haven’t seen them either, but that’s pretty funny. A “concerned parent” wrote me last Halloween objecting to the shape of a gummi ear (when turned upside down).
    I’ll be on the look out for that gummi egg. Don’t care for the cola gummies, but they always tempt me. I just reposted my Gummi Pyramid for a meme. Mmm, gummi.

  • Heheheheheh. Please, please buy some if you find them. Heheheheh.

    Immature “adolescent,”

  • KR, Leslie’s mom

    I first ran into the gummi eggs when I visited Leslie in Reykjavik, Iceland, during the summer of ’05. I just had to have them, and in the store where we bought them, they came with yolks of yellow (lemon flavor) and yolks of orange (orange flavor). Loved them! I also took some home to Travis, Leslie’s younger brother, who liked them equally as much.

    As a side note/gentle correction : they’re FRIED eggs, not boiled eggs. Hard-boiled eggs would be shape of the Cadbury creme eggs you see at Easter time — only not chocolate — and you would bite into the white albumen solid gummi to find the yolk (in yellow or orange) in the middle.

    Haribo gummies — of all shapes and flavors — are the best. Most of the other brands aren’t even worth tasting.

    Keep up the good work!

    Leslie’s Mom

  • Katie

    I love haribo. That is all.