Giant Chewy Nerds

This Easter, Nestle/Wonka introduced a new jelly bean: Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans. The candy blog world pretty much raved about them (Candy Blog and Candy Addict were just two who gave them high marks). When I picked up a couple of bags in post-Easter sale season, I loved them too, but because they had already been so written about, I saw no need to add my voice to the chorus.

Until now, that is. Easter is all about rebirth – resurrection from a religious standpoint, spring and green things and baby animals from a non-religious perspective – and, fortunately for candy lovers, Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans have been reborn as Giant Chewy Nerds (for the record, the Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans I bought; the Giant Chewy Nerds were sent to me from Nestle). The Giant Chewy Nerds packaging may not be as cute without the bunny eared Nerds characters, but the candy itself is the same and just as addictive.

As Candy Addict Blog noted, these are ridiculously addictive. They have a soft jellybean inside covered with a thin, hard, bumpy, crumbly flavored Nerds shell. I really think it’s the textural contrast between the crunchy shell and the chewy inside that make these so darn hard to stop popping in your mouth.

Pink is strawberry, a sweet and fruity/floral flavor with a lightly sour tinge. Grape is artificial, grape-soda niceness. Green I thought was green apple (Candy Addict says its watermelon), which I found to be the weakest of the bunch. Too much sugary sweetness, not enough tart, fruity flavor. Orange was tart and tangy and orangey and delightful. The yellow lemon is my favorite of the bunch, a strong and bright lemon juice flavor that’s not at all floor-cleaner artificial.

These get an OMG from me. I personally think they could go even more sour or a little less sweet, but they’re deliciously addictive as is. While I’m glad that they’re back, I don’t think I would buy them again for purely selfish, lack of self-control issues, as it frightens me how quickly I can chomp through a bag of these. And then I feel ill and guilty. Incidentally, the sales rep who sent me these also included a bunch of SweeTarts in the package because she’d read about how I loved them. I have the same issue with SweeTarts in that I’ll eat too many at once and then will feel sick.

  • I like that the year round version comes in a single serve bag. My big issue with Easter jelly beans is they don’t just come in a little bag for little old me.

  • candypig

    i wish they came in a big huge bag.

  • Candybitch

    They do come in big bags sweetie. just suck m.

  • fernito

    just opened a bag of these for the first time. the green one tastes like ass. wow, fairly asstastic all around. a four star let down 🙁

  • Jamie

    Really, really good. Way, way, way too addictive. I just mowed through the first 25% of a big bag and the rest may be hitting the trash… gotta a wasteline to maintain and I don’t need another tummy ache. For those without these ‘hang-ups’.. they are delicious!

  • Oh how I love the Nerds…. I have most of my officemates addicted…. That’s the thing… they are SOOOOO addictive…. I don’t know why…..

  • Oh, Jesus…. These are my fav candies ever.

    I bought a 24 pk at Sam’s Club and ate all 24 bags in 3 days…. bad….

    I say they take out the purples and add lime… or Cherry….. or even Apple.

  • They do come in a huge bag (7 oz.). I get them for my car, and I try not to eat more than 7 in any given drive. I often fail this limit. Oh well.

  • colleen

    I love the Chewy Nerds, sadly they are hard to find where I live. That is how I found this blog, was looking for an online source. Anyone know were I can get the large bags? The little ones don’t take care of the addition. LOL

  • Chris

    My 11th grade son took these–sans bag–to school, and actually got other kids to pay him a buck to tell them what the name of the candy was. Unbelievably yummy and very addictive. Don’t know what ass tastes like, but maybe fernito needs to kick the smoking habit so s/he can really taste these.

  • We love nerds candy in every form.